People seem to like this idea that people can (and should try to) fix things before throwing them away. We’ve gotten a lot of compliments and testimonials. Here are all the ones we’ve received in writing:

April 2017

“Great people – Great idea! Great volunteers! Wonderful, helpful folks. Thank you all.”

“I loved working with Repair Public! Ben + his workers are the best!”

May 2017

“Thanks for your time & advice. We are recyclers and hate to throw anything away.”

August 2017

“…and we love you!” (our survey sheet says “We love ideas.”)

“Fantastic, and I learned. I will be more willing to try and fix items. Thank you!”
[Editor’s note: “…YES!!!!”]

October 2017

“Thanks again!”

“Excellent public service. Thank you.”

“Thanks for all the advice & loan of tools, plus help with un-stitching a sewing project.”

“It was fun!! Thank you! :)”

“Awesome idea on so many levels in this disposable culture. Community building, rebuild / reuse. Thanks!”

“Rock on, thanks.”

“Great fixer collaboration & persistence when I thought it was a lost cause! Thank you, Seth, Owen, & Ben!”

November 2017

“This is awesome. That is all.”

“This was awesome! Do it again! And again and again…”

January 2018

“Happy with knowing [Repair Public] is available.”

“Thank you! You provide a wonderful public service!”

“Awesome group. Helps save the earth, avoids waste, avoids wasting money to buy replacements — what’s not to like? Ideas: More publicity.”
[Editor’s note: Working on the “more publicity” part.]

“Amazing event — thank you!”

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