Amherst pre-Turkey Repair!

The cold weather is pretty solidly here! We’ll be at The Hitchcock Center for the Environment on Sunday, November 24 from noon to 3:30pm. The Center is located at 845 West Street. Look for the mailbox that looks like a spotted salamander!

Let us help you mend those gloves, fixery those space heaters, fix those torn pockets, and rewire those lamps! Our usual small infantry unit of fixers will be there with their sewing kit, soldering irons, and whatever it is that Kevin guy brings! We hope to see you there!

Uh-oh! We’re back!

After an irrationally long hiatus, we’re doing Fixery again! We’ll be at New City Brewery on Sunday, September 22nd from 1pm to 4:30(ish), or until they kick us out for having too much fun.

New City Brewery is located at:

180 Pleasant Street (rear)
Easthampton, MA 01027

I’d like to refer you to our What to Bring page so you can peruse the list again, since we’ve added a few new item categories to the “Do Not Bring” list.

Please ask questions! If you’re not certain about stuff, do ask! You can find us on Facebook, or send an e-mail to and we’ll answer our questions as best we can. That said, our staff (okay, just Ben) is on vacation right now, so please allow 3-5 days for service.

See you then!

April Repair in Amherst!

Spring is most definitely in the air! We’re hoping the weather holds on Sunday, April 28 2019 so we can do some larger, more outdoor repairs like lawnmowers, weed whackers, and blade sharpening. The Hitchcock Center is always a great venue. We’ll see you there at noon until 3:30ish or until they kick us out!

The Hitchcock Center’s gorgeous living building is located at 845 West Street in Amherst, MA. Look for the spotted salamander mailbox!

Montague’s First Fixery!

It’s true! On Sunday, March 31st, from 12-4 pm–for the first time ever–we are hosting a repair event at Element Brewing Company in Miller’s Falls. We’ve been working with a group of dedicated Montague locals to bring you delicious food, delectable brews, and a chance to fix your broken stuff. What more could you ask for on a Sunday afternoon? Maybe nice spring weather, so our team of experienced fixers can help you tackle the broken weed whacker that’s been gathering dust in your garage…

Join us at Element Brewing Company on Sunday, March 31st from 12-4 pm.

While you’re there, you can learn more about our collaboration with Drawdown Montague, a group that is coalescing around local, practical, community solutions to climate change. Through this partnership, we are excited to add Montague to our regular calendar of community fixery events.  Can’t you just feel the love?

Don’t forget to check out the What to Bring page if you have any questions about the type of stuff we fix.

A big thanks to our hosts Ben and Dan at Element Brewing Company–so glad to have you on board.

See you soon!

Our Second Fixaversary!

PleaOwen-Espresso-Smallestse join us this Sunday, the 24th of February, from 3:00pm to 6:30ish (or until they kick us out!) for Yet More Fixery at Seymour the Pub in beautiful downtown Greenfield!

Two years ago, Repair Public’s journey started when the owner of Seymour saw my interest in setting up a mobile repair operation and volunteered his cozy street front to host. We couldn’t be more honored that they’re still entertaining our repair events, and that they’re hosting our second anniversary as well.

The weather doesn’t look like it’s going to cooperate, so this will be an indoor-item event only; please leave the bicycles and lawnmowers at home! Also, due to some feedback from some recent events, we’ve revised our What To Bring items list; please check it out!

We hope to see you there!

The 2019 Event Line-Up (so far)!

We’ve got three events scheduled so far, with more on the way:

January 27th, 12:00p to 3:30p
The Hitchcock Center for the Environment
845 West Street
Amherst, MA

February 24th, 3:00p to 6:30p
Seymour, the Pub
5 Bank Row
Greenfield, MA

March 24th, 1:00p to 4:30p
New City Brewery
180 Pleasant Street (rear)
Easthampton, MA

The weather’s been pretty brutal lately, so our January event might be indoor-only depending on the forecast. If it’s indoor-only, that means we’re not going to be set up to service larger items like snowblowers other power equipment. We’ll still have the usual assortment of lamp cord, fasteners, sewing needles, and enthusiasm on-hand to throw at your repair needs! See you soon!


Easthampton Autumnal Fixery!

Come join us for more Fixery through Community on Sunday, September 23, at New City Brewery in Easthampton! Our advanced tool-users will clamp, crimp, turn, and glue our way through your repairable items-in-need. They don’t have pumpkin spice beer, but New City Brewery is always brewing their signature Ginger Beer which is both cozy and refreshing; the perfect way to usher in the cooler weather on the way.

We’ve extended our hours by a full hour, starting at 1pm and starting last repair at 5:30p. Please check out the What to Bring page if you have any questions about the type of stuff we fix.

New City Brewery is located behind the Mill 180 building. There’s plenty of parking at the rear of the building; the driveway to the back is between Mill 180 and the American Legion building. See you soon!

An August Affair in Greenfield: New Date!

Due to an unforeseen conflict at our venue, we had to bump our event date back a week. We’re still at Seymour, the pub, still from 1pm to 4:30, still gonna fix all yer stuff, but now we’re gonna be there on the 26th of August!

Seymour the Pub holds a special place in the heart-shaped tool chests of Repair Public, since this is the venue that got us off the ground. Join us there again for more volunteer-driven and donation-supported Fixery! As always, depending on the weather, we may or may not perform outside repairs, like small engines or large greasy objects. But we’ll always see your blenders, lamps, torn jackets, and other stuff you can reliably fit through the door that isn’t dripping or on fire.

Questions, comments, and thrown tomatoes to the usual comments section or inbox, please! We hope to see you there. Tell your friends!

July Fixery in Amherst!

What, again? Yes again! And again and again until there’s no breakery to fixery!

With its sustainable, energy-efficient facility, lots of outdoor space, plenty of parking, and bucolic setting, the Hitchcock Center is always one of our favorite places to do Repair. Bring us your poor lamps, your tired blenders, your choked lawnmower air filters struggling to breathe without grass stuck in their teeth. We’ll be there on Sunday, the 22nd of July, from noon to 3:30pm.

Tell everybody you know! We want people to embrace fixery as the default go-to action before you think of replacing your old, worn, and/or broken stuff. You bring the broken, we’ll bring the knowledge and the tools and the enthusiasm to un-break it!


We look forward to seeing you soon.