Montague’s First Fixery!

It’s true! On Sunday, March 31st, from 12-4 pm–for the first time ever–we are hosting a repair event at Element Brewing Company in Miller’s Falls. We’ve been working with a group of dedicated Montague locals to bring you delicious food, delectable brews, and a chance to fix your broken stuff. What more could you ask for on a Sunday afternoon? Maybe nice spring weather, so our team of experienced fixers can help you tackle the broken weed whacker that’s been gathering dust in your garage…

Join us at Element Brewing Company on Sunday, March 31st from 12-4 pm.

While you’re there, you can learn more about our collaboration with Drawdown Montague, a group that is coalescing around local, practical, community solutions to climate change. Through this partnership, we are excited to add Montague to our regular calendar of community fixery events.  Can’t you just feel the love?

Don’t forget to check out the What to Bring page if you have any questions about the type of stuff we fix.

A big thanks to our hosts Ben and Dan at Element Brewing Company–so glad to have you on board.

See you soon!

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