The 2019 Event Line-Up (so far)!

We’ve got three events scheduled so far, with more on the way:

January 27th, 12:00p to 3:30p
The Hitchcock Center for the Environment
845 West Street
Amherst, MA

February 24th, 3:00p to 6:30p
Seymour, the Pub
5 Bank Row
Greenfield, MA

March 24th, 1:00p to 4:30p
New City Brewery
180 Pleasant Street (rear)
Easthampton, MA

The weather’s been pretty brutal lately, so our January event might be indoor-only depending on the forecast. If it’s indoor-only, that means we’re not going to be set up to service larger items like snowblowers other power equipment. We’ll still have the usual assortment of lamp cord, fasteners, sewing needles, and enthusiasm on-hand to throw at your repair needs! See you soon!


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