An August Affair in Greenfield: New Date!

Due to an unforeseen conflict at our venue, we had to bump our event date back a week. We’re still at Seymour, the pub, still from 1pm to 4:30, still gonna fix all yer stuff, but now we’re gonna be there on the 26th of August!

Seymour the Pub holds a special place in the heart-shaped tool chests of Repair Public, since this is the venue that got us off the ground. Join us there again for more volunteer-driven and donation-supported Fixery! As always, depending on the weather, we may or may not perform outside repairs, like small engines or large greasy objects. But we’ll always see your blenders, lamps, torn jackets, and other stuff you can reliably fit through the door that isn’t dripping or on fire.

Questions, comments, and thrown tomatoes to the usual comments section or inbox, please! We hope to see you there. Tell your friends!

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