July Fixery in Amherst!

What, again? Yes again! And again and again until there’s no breakery to fixery!

With its sustainable, energy-efficient facility, lots of outdoor space, plenty of parking, and bucolic setting, the Hitchcock Center is always one of our favorite places to do Repair. Bring us your poor lamps, your tired blenders, your choked lawnmower air filters struggling to breathe without grass stuck in their teeth. We’ll be there on Sunday, the 22nd of July, from noon to 3:30pm.

Tell everybody you know! We want people to embrace fixery as the default go-to action before you think of replacing your old, worn, and/or broken stuff. You bring the broken, we’ll bring the knowledge and the tools and the enthusiasm to un-break it!


We look forward to seeing you soon.

2 thoughts on “July Fixery in Amherst!

    • Thanks for the question! Bring it on in. Whether we can fix it depends a little on what’s wrong with it. If it’s otherwise running correctly but there’s a leakage or drainage problem, we can usually work on that. Likewise, if there’s something wrong with it electrically, we can usually fix that too. Howevef, if the unit is otherwise working correctly but it’s just not cooling down anymore, that’s likely a coolant problem and we’re not equipped to handle refrigerant issues.

      Come on down!


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