Earth Day Repair in Amherst!

I could have sworn that I uploaded this two weeks ago. My web page tells me I’m wrong! Holy carp!

We’re spending Earth Day at the Hitchcock Center for the Environment in Amherst, from noon to around 3:30pm. This is one of our favorite spots to work; the space is large and bright and flexible, and there’s tons of parking. The weather promises to be absolutely delightful! We’re not competing with a football game this time! We’re bringing a small bench vise that we can use to straighten bent metal things as well as sharpen chain saws!

Our usual cast of tool-wielding genius volunteers armed with their opposable thumbs and various tools will be there. We’ll have a small bike stand and tire pump. We’ve made even more table protectors on account of the fact that we’re a little messy!

Hope to see you there!