First Year Annifixery!

Come back to the place that started it all: Seymour, the Pub in beautiful downtown Greenfield, MA for yet more fixery of brokenthings! Our very first free repair event was February 19th 2017. Just over one year later, we’re celebrating the occasion by… well, just doing more of the same darned thing! The date is February 25th, 2018 from 1pm until 4:30pm or the bartender scolds us out the door (hee hee hee!).

The usual rules apply: Review the What to Bring page, show up, sign a waiver, get your stuff fixed, participate as much as you’re willing, fill out a survey, and go home with your thing fixed. No really, that’s it. The weather has been downright wacky lately; I’ll be packing the outdoor tools, but we might not use them. Watch this space!

Also, check out the rebuilt Calendar page! It’s easier to bring links into your own calendar and get directions to events, plus we’ve started listing other regional repairs as we discover them.

We hope to see you there with more brokenthings for us to make functional again!

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