A Call for Feedback!

One of the things we run into is the occasional repair that can’t be tested (or even finished!) at an event. We desperately want to know: Did it work? Does it blend? Will it cook, chop, sew, brew, cut, chop, or plow? We fixed a snow blower once, but that was back in August, so we have no idea if it actually blew snow.


Look at this guy! This is Dan. He’s not even soldering electronics here, he’s running some weird mad science, soldering a stainless steel pin back onto a tea strainer. Did it work? Did it stay fixed? We don’t know! That’s why you have to tell us.

So tell us! Tell us if we were successful, or even if we weren’t. Let us know if you have any suggestions! Tell us what you think! Tell us where you’d like us to stick our screwdrivers next. Maybe I should rephrase that.

Seriously though, we love hearing about how we’re doing, and we do take suggestions to heart. Write to me! ben@repairpublic.org


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