A Call for Feedback!

One of the things we run into is the occasional repair that can’t be tested (or even finished!) at an event. We desperately want to know: Did it work? Does it blend? Will it cook, chop, sew, brew, cut, chop, or plow? We fixed a snow blower once, but that was back in August, so we have no idea if it actually blew snow.


Look at this guy! This is Dan. He’s not even soldering electronics here, he’s running some weird mad science, soldering a stainless steel pin back onto a tea strainer. Did it work? Did it stay fixed? We don’t know! That’s why you have to tell us.

So tell us! Tell us if we were successful, or even if we weren’t. Let us know if you have any suggestions! Tell us what you think! Tell us where you’d like us to stick our screwdrivers next. Maybe I should rephrase that.

Seriously though, we love hearing about how we’re doing, and we do take suggestions to heart. Write to me! ben@repairpublic.org


January 2018: Happy New Repair!

Okay, I get it, I’m bad at publicity. I’m working on it!

First thing’s first: We’ve got an event happening tomorrow at the Hitchcock Center for the Environment in Amherst, from noon to 4pm. Check out the calendar page for details.

Somebody please remind me next year not to schedule the January event during a major playoff game for the home team. Go, Patriots!

If you can’t make it to tomorrow’s event, that’s okay. But please be advised that the event on February 25, 2018 at Seymour the Pub in Greenfield is going to be a very special one, ’cause it’ll be our One Year Repairversary! Rumor has it that we’ll have some special kind of party after we fix all the stuff, plus there may be an extra special announcement or two about how we’re going to do more repair-oriented stuff in the community at-large. You won’t want to miss it.

But show up tomorrow too! If you haven’t been to the Hitchcock Center for the Environment’s new building on the Hampshire College campus yet, it’s a really neat and fun building. If you’re coming from Amherst Center, keep going south on 116 until you pass the Pomeroy Lane intersection, then look for the driveway on your right with the mailbox that kinda looks like a spotted salamander. No, I’m not kidding. Precise address is on the Calendar page.

Also coming to this website: Repair Public’s Greatest Hits. And misses!

Love and wrenches,