Repair Event: Sustainability Rocks!

Please join us for our next Repair Public event on Sunday, October 22rd from 1pm to 4pm at the Hitchcock Center in Amherst! Behold their beautiful new nearly-self-sustaining building at 845 West Street (Route 116) in Amherst! We’re going to be there fixing things!


Here’s a bold idea: a registration page! Hey, it was their idea, not mine. We think it’s a good idea though.

Register here!

Even though it’s November, we have enough space available that we’re going to try to make this an indoor/outdoor event. Now’s a great time to make sure your snowblower starts before first snowfall hits. We’re ready for you and pretty much whatever you might bring.

Speaking of bringing things, let’s revisit that list again because sometimes I need to look at it too.

What to Bring

We hope to see you in Amherst in a couple weeks with all the broken things! I hope I’ll have my new modular socket set case built by then.

Love and Wrenches,

Repair Public


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