An August Affair!

Sorry for the long wait for another event! Some of us have been busy with things like day jobs and other utterly boring and useless things. But we’re back, and as fixy as ever.

Owen-Espresso-SmallestSave the date! Then show up!

Sunday, August 13th 2017
1pm to 5pm
Seymour, the Pub
5 Bank Row
Greenfield, MA

Weather permitting, this will be an indoor/outdoor event, so bring your bicycles, small engines, and other larger items that take fuel, oil, or other obnoxious fluids. We’ll keep you posted on the weather forecast as the day approaches.

Be sure to check out our guidelines about the event: How It Works and What to Bring.

See you in Greenfield!

One thought on “An August Affair!

  1. The August event was awesome! It wasn’t as well-attended as some of our others, but it was still a ton of fun! We broke both new ground and old toasters (we feel bad about the toaster). We fixed our first combustion-engined item, a Craftsman lawnmower with a 6.75 HP Briggs & Stratton engine. We also fixed a kids’ electronic keyboard, a couple more turntables, an electric snowblower, a digital bathroom scale, and… I think something else?

    We got a ton of positive feedback. The lawnmower came all the way up from West Springfield, which is pretty cool. More about that lawnmower to come!


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