Repair III: The Return to Seymour!

Sunday, the 21st of May.

1pm to 5pm Eastern Daylight Time.

Seymour The Pub.

5 Bank Row, Greenfield, MA.


I’ve been asked more than a few times: Do you really have that much fun fixing things?

Yes! Yes we do. Behold Kevin, Wielder of the Brass Lamp. The lamp fix was a collaboration by both Kevin and Drew (not shown, sold separately).


Do you want to be one of these irrationally happy people? Come on by with your broken item(s)! Or even better, do you want to be a fixer/facilitator? We’re always looking for more help. E-mail is easy! All you have to do is click on my e-mail address and type your words to me. I don’t judge, and I speak fluent typo.

Unlike the last event at Seymour (OUR FIRST!) which was back in February when it was still cool out, this one is an indoor/outdoor event. That means we’ll be able to handle larger, smellier, and more complicated items like lawnmowers, chainsaws, weed whackers, bicycles, exercise bikes (I’m lookin’ at YOU, Bob Flaherty), and other obnoxious things that we wouldn’t deign to bring indoors otherwise. Visit What to Bring if you’re not sure, or e-mail me with questions.

Blender under repair

Look at what we did to this blender! This was one of our more entertaining repairs. It’s a 1960s push-button ultra-powerful beige monstrosity that wouldn’t run without emitting smoke. It took the combined talents of Dan and Karl to strip it down to its guts, clean it, lubricate it, then put it back together in working order. When it was finally plugged in, a rousing cheer went ’round the room.

This could be you! If you came to the first one, come back for the second. If you’ve never been before, check us out! We promise more space, more light, more tools, substantially more shenanigans, hijinks, and ballyhoo. You won’t want to miss Repair Public III: The Return to Seymour!

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