First Repair: We knocked it out of the park.

Our first repair event is done, and we done it good. Given that it was a three-hour event in a relatively small space, we did a lot of really good work. Here’s a synopsis, in case you missed it:

  • Three different turntables (!!) brought in. Two repaired, one needs a new main drive belt.
  • One specialty circuit board from a pickup truck re-soldered.
  • One late sixties blender fixed so it no longer smokes when you use it.
  • One KitchenAid stand mixer with a blown motor; could not be repaired with parts on-hand, though every effort was made.
  • One repaired coat pocket.
  • Three ripped casual button-down shirts patched (rather creatively, too!)
  • One adjustable-height stool repaired.
  • One broken lamp made whole again.

Total: Twelve items submitted for repair, ten items repaired successfully.

The format works, and we learned a lot in terms of where collaboration and work flow were successful, as well as what fell apart.

The summary of the summary: WE ARE DOING THIS AGAIN. And again, and again, and again. Stay tuned to this page and/or our Facebook page for more details as we invent them! I mean heck, we didn’t even break into the lamp cord! How weird is that?

…and give me a few days to do some contact work and data processing before asking me when the next one will be, ’cause I don’t know yet either.